DEMOLITION IN THREE PHASES // The demolition of Eurochemic goes in three phases. The plant has been subdivided since 2004 in an eastern, a western and a central part. The decommissioning has started in 1990, and it is scheduled that the complete plant in 2012, will be demolished. Today the eastern part is completely decontaminated and ready for demolition. On Friday 20 June 2008 with an official ceremony the start shot will be given and three days later - on 23 June - the effective demolition will be started. If this part will be demolished officially on 5 September 2008, 35% of the total concrete inventory will be demolished. During this demolition the decommissioning work of the central part will continue. The commencement of demolition of the central part is planned for 2010, with a time fork of six months. This part is most extensive and contains 39% of the total concrete inventory. Afterwards the demolition of the western and smallest part, or 26% of the total concrete inventory follows. Demolition of this  part must start in 2011 with a time fork of a six-month period.  
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